Bohemian Vibes Homewear 🌻

Here is just one of my statement decorative pieces from my living room that I recently completed & below is a list of which shops I purchased these items from. Each item is from a high street shop proving that you don’t need to break the bank in order to create a beautiful home. 

  • Floral bouquet – The Range
  • Brown glass dream jar – B&M
  • Sitting Buddha boy – Local market
  • Large circular candle latern -The Range
  • Sweet vanilla reed diffusers – George Home
  • Bark tea light holder – George Home
  • Green glass candle latern & shade – B&M
  • Light green circular patterned candle lantern – The Range


Why Autumn Is The Best Season πŸπŸƒπŸ‚

Here are my personal top 20 as to why autumn is my favourite season of all 

1. The trees, they change into such picturesque colours 
2. Everything gets more atmospheric 

3. Crunchy fallen leaves to kick and jump in (we all do it)

4. Conker picking 

5.  Waking up to sunshine pouring through your window πŸŒ…

6. That crisp feeling you get the minute you walk out of the door that kinda takes your breath away

7. The return of the pumpkin spiced latte *yayy*

8. It becomes soup season 🍡

9. Hearty food & puddings 

10.  Woolly hats and scarfs 

11. Hot water bottles aka lifesavers 

12. Seeing your breath appear before your eyes 

13. Big jumpers 

14. Buying a new pair of boots πŸ‘’

15. Going makeup shopping for autumn shades of lipstick 

16. Halloween πŸŽƒ

17. Fireworks & bonfire night 

18. Binge watching series on Netflix 

19. Blankets everywhere

20. Lots of books to read πŸ“–


Wax Tart Melts ✨

So as much as I love candles I’m a newbie to the whole wax melt thing.. Here are just a few of my recent Yankee Purchases in different scents and I’m so excited to try these out! 

Here we have: 

Vanilla Bourbon β˜•οΈ

Honey Glow 🌳

Amber Moon πŸŒ•

Our Oasis 🌺

What are your favourite scents?  Xo


Autumn = Yankee Candle Season Really Begins! πŸŒ²πŸ‚πŸ

So as the nights once again begin to draw darker and colder its not all doom and gloom because its officially candle season and that is pretty damn good news! 

If like me you enjoy nothing more than coming home and creating a cosy atmosphere in your house with the curtains closed, slippers on, fresh pyjamas and the main ingredient of course lighting those lush smelling candles to create the perfect ambience but I find one question remains unanswered… Which is the right scent for me? 

My favourite smells are the autumn/winter fragrances I mean what’s not to love about the familiar scent of  freshly baked gingerbread , Apple spice or even Cranberry *imaginary inhales*  so I decided to be open minded and try out some of Yankee Candles new fragrances that would compliment my favourite smells 

Gingerbread Maple  β€“ Two gorgeous scents combined to make one delicious mouth watering fragrance that is good enough to eat. Firstly you get the familiar scent of a gently spiced fresh baked gingerbread as if it is straight from the oven but then the sweet notes from the maple join up and make it a scent you want to deeply inhale reminding you of your childhood days baking with your nan. 

Cranberry Twist – Really  does take a twist on the classic cranberry form with a melody of berries this candle once lit also gives off a hint of citrus which is an unusual note that’s not usually put with such a solid scent but has a welcoming charm on the nose ohh and it carries abit of ginger in there too.. This is perfect for December days. 

Vanilla Bourbon – Reminds me of those cold nights at the Christmas markets with an added ingredient *wink* you get the distinctive but yet not over powering bourbon smell with the sweetness of vanilla to level it all out. It’ll have you wanting to wrap up in layers in no time.

Pain Au Raisin – True Parisian bakery scene is painted while this aroma fills the air with the buttery vanilla doughy smells and cognac soaked raisins will make you want to pop the kettle on a make a fresh cup of coffee and pick up that book that’s sat on the shelf. 


Introductions & New Ventures

Hey there I’m Chelsea 😊

I’ve decided to start a new venture into the world of blogging and eekk I’m excited &  a little nervous  at the same time (well who wouldn’t be) but back to the original subject I’ve decided to start up Chelseastrending to review, post things that I like & share with you my latest projects 

So that just about sums up my aim for this blog & I hope you’ll join me in reading and posting back. 
Chow for now, Chelsea xo